Old Bridgewater Historical Society

Old Bridgewater Historical Society

Old Bridgewater Historical Society's Board of Directors

Board members are elected at the Annual Members' Meeting every April.

Current Board Members

PresidentShellie Karol-Chik
Vice-PresidentJeannie Keith Cullati
ClerkMary O'Connell
TreasurerKatherine Wolfe
DirectorNorma Callahan
DirectorHoward Hayward
DirectorMarlene Howell
DirectorCarlton Hunt
DirectorJames Karol-Chik
DirectorOrson Kingsley
DirectorMark Linde
DirectorRobert "Bob" Wood
DirectorOpen Position

Past Presidents

Atty. Benjamin W. Harris1895-1905
Mr. Loring Puffer1905-1907
Atty. Robert O. Harris1907-1913
Dr. G. E. Dyer1913-1921
Dr. Charles E. Lovell1921-1924
Mr. Edward Keith1924-1926
Atty. Abner Braley1926-1938
Col. Percival Churchill1938-1939
Atty. Walter Stephens1939-1945
Atty. Edmund Nutter1945-1950
Mr. Laurist W. Reynolds1950-1957
Dr. Ralph S. Bates1957-1976
Mr. Robert E. Ashley1976-1977
Mr. Robert D. Bevis1977-1980
Mr. Francis J. Beary1980-1985
Mrs. Diana Lothrop1985-1989
Mr. James F. Buckley1989-1990
Mr. Lawrence "Larry" Conant1990-1995
Mrs. Diana Lothrop1995-1999
Mrs. Maureen Lynn1999-2016
Mrs. Shellie Karol-Chik2016-Present