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Cemeteries in Bridgewater, MA

NameLocationEst. DateFind A GraveBillion GravesAliasesNotes
Conant Street CemteryMap1821LinkLinkConant-Town Cemetery2
First CemeteryMap1716Link---First Parish Cemetery, Old Graveyard, South Parish Cemetery, Revolutionary Cemetery1
First Saint Thomas Aquinas CemeteryMap1854Link---------
Great Woods CemeteryMap1793Link---Alden's Bridge Cemetery, Titicut Cemetery---
Harlow CemeteryMap1826Link---Cherry Street Burial Ground2
Hillside CemeteryMap1813LinkLinkAuburn Street Cemetery, Auburnville Cemetery,
Benson Town Cemetery
Jennings Hill CemeteryMap1750LinkLinkJapan Cemetery, Old Graveyard
1, 2
Mount Prospect CemeteryMap1842Link---Bridgewater New
Old Saint Thomas Aquinas CemeteryMap1867Link---Roman Catholic Cemetery---
Pine Street Cemetery--1833Link---------
Pratt Town CemeteryMap1828Link---Orange Street Cemetery, Pratt Town Burial Ground2
Saint Thomas Aquinas CemeteryMapunk.Link---------
Scotland CemeteryMap1753Link---Scotland Burial Ground1, 2
Smallpox CemeteryMap1785LinkLinkSmall Pox Cemetery1, 2
South Street CemeteryMap1756LinkLinkKeith Cemetery1, 2
State Farm CemeteryMapunk.Link---MCI Cemetery,
State Workhouse
Trinity Church CemeteryMap1748Link---Episcopal Cemetery1, 2
Vernon Street CemeteryMap1751LinkLinkAlden Cemetery1, 2

Cemeteries in East Bridgewater, MA

NameLocationEst. DateFind a GraveBillion GravesAliasesNotes
Beaver CemeteryMap1809LinkLink---3
Central CemeteryMap1846Link------3
Elmwood CemeteryMap1847LinkLinkJoppa Cemetery3, 4
Northville CemeteryMap1855Link------3
Old GraveyardMap1685Link---Old Cemetery3, 4
Osborne Family Cemetery---1852Link---Osborne Cemetery Site---
Union CemeteryMap1842LinkLink---3
Whitman Family Cemetery---1827Link---Whitman Cemetery3, 4

Cemeteries in West Bridgewater, MA

NameLocationEst. DateFind A GraveBillion GravesAliasesNotes
Alger GraveyardMap1801Link---Alger Cemetery & Tomb1, 5
Ames Family Graveyard---1837Link---Lewis Ames Family Burying Ground5
Cochesett Graveyard--1803Link---Methodist Church Cemetery5, 6
Dunbar Family Cemetery---1749Link---Walnut Street Cemetery---
Hayward Family GraveyardMap1812Link---------
Jerusalem Graveyard--1749LinkLinkHoward Cemetery, Hayward Cemetery1, 5
Old GraveyardMap1683LinkLink---1, 4, 5
Pine Hill CemeteryMap1870Link------5, 6
Pleasant Hill CemeteryMapunk.LinkLink---5, 6
Powder House CemeteryMap1747Link---Matfield Street Cemetery1, 5
Thayer Cemetery---1823Link---Thayer-Fish Family Cemetery1, 4, 5

Cemeteries in Brockton, MA

NameLocationEst. DateFind A GraveBillion GravesAliasesNotes
Agudas Achim CemeteryMap1906Link------7
Ames Family Cemetery---1778Link---------
Ashland CemeteryMap1748Link---East Ashland Cemetery, North End Cemetery---
Calvary CemeteryMap1890Link---------
Coweeset Cemetery---1792Link---------
First Parish Burying Ground---1731Link---Main Street Cemetery---
Leach CemeteryMap1768LinkLink------
Melrose CemeteryMap1761Link---------
Mulberry Street Cemetery---1820Link---Village Cemetery---
Old Coweeset Cemetery---unk.Link---Old Cemetery at Marshall's Corner---
Our Lady of Sorrow Convent Cemetery---unk.Link---------
Plymouth Rock CemeteryMap1906Link------7
Saint Patricks CemeteryMap1857Link---------
Snell Cemetery---1747Link---Old Cemetery, West Street Cemetery---
Temple Beth Emunah Cemetery---1906Link------7
Temple Israel CemeteryMap1906Link------7
Thayer Cemetery---1814Link---Pleasant Street Cemetery---
Thompson Cemetery---1796Link---Summer Street Cemetery---
Union CemeteryMap1790Link---------

Key to Notes:

  1. Transcribed in Epitaphs in Old Bridgewater, Massachusetts by Williams Latham, 1882
  2. Per records found in Vital Records of Bridgewater, Massachusetts to the Year 1850, 1916
  3. Per records found in Vital Records of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts to the Year 1850, 1917
  4. Transcribed in Old Cemeteries of Southeastern Massachusetts by Charles M. Thatcher, 1995
  5. Per records found in Vital Records of West Bridgewater, Massachusetts to the Year 1850, 1911
  6. Per records found at the New England Historical Genealogical Society of Boston, MA, in the manuscripts department
  7. One of the four cemeteries that comprise the Plymouth Rock Jewish Cemetery