Old Bridgewater Historical Society

Old Bridgewater Historical Society

Bylaws and Policies

The Society's current governing policies. Click on the titles to read the policies in full.


The Bylaws are the Society's main governing principals.  The Bylaw's articles include the Society's mission and vision statements, membership and dues categories, structure of its Board of Directors, meeting requirements, standing committees, elections process, and other items relating to the Society's overall organizational structure.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics states the Old Bridgewater Historical Society’s policies and procedures for maintaining the integrity of the organization.  The document's objectives are to provide a clear and concise set of statements on ethical policy and to set the standards of conduct and performance which the Society expects from its Board of Directors, its Staff, Volunteers working for the Society, and Members.  At the same time, it provides a clear statement of what the public may justifiably expect of the Society in regards to transparency, avoiding conflicts of interest, privacy, financial stewardship, document retention, truth in presentation and more.

Directors' Policy

This document establishes the policies of the Old Bridgewater Historical Society in specific regard to its Board of Directors.  The objectives of this document are to provide a clear and concise set of expectations and duties which the Society expects from its Board of Directors.  Among the items addressed are duties and expectations of attendance.

Personal Photography and Image Use Policy

This policy outlines the terms of photography taken within the buildings by private parties, and the use of those images, especially in relation to photographs or scans of manuscripts, documents, artifacts, and staff.