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The Old Bridgewater Historical Society voted on By-Law changes at its members' meeting on Saturday, January 21st, 2017.  The Society's Constitution and By-Laws were merged into a single document called By-Laws, and many of the articles and sections were updated to better reflect the modern needs of the Society.  The changes were approved unanimously.


To read the new By-Laws online, click here

For a downloadable PDF file, click here.



Women at Sea During the Nineteenth Century

        Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 7:00 pm.  162 Howard St, West Bridgewater.

Laurel Seaborn, a maritime archaeologist and sailing ship captain, offers an in-depth look at the brave women who went to sea in the nineteenth century.  During the 19th century, when women chose to go to sea in sailing ships, they contributed as nurses, nannies and navigators, and in extreme cases took command of the ship. Their journals describe the objects built or brought on board specifically for them. Besides the beds, chairs, and parlor organs that might be found during an archaeological excavation of a shipwreck, their personal possessions such as jewelry, sewing kits and children's toys would also convey evidence of how the culture on ships changed with a woman's presence. The investigation of these artifacts, as clues into the lives of these seafaring women, is part of Captain Seaborn's ongoing PhD research at the University of New Hampshire.

A talk by Captain Laurel Seaborn, PhD Candidate, University of New Hampshire, Adjunct Professor, Salem State University, and Co-Founder of SEAMAHP (Seafaring Education and Maritime Archaeological Heritage Program).

$5 Donation recommended.