Old Bridgewater Historical Society

Old Bridgewater Historical Society

Volunteer Opportunities

The Society is supported 100% by volunteers. Give a helping hand today!

The Old Bridgewater Historical Society depends on the generosity of volunteers, members, and visitors.  Please consider donating a few hours of your time to help make the Society thrive. You can donate as few or as many hours as your schedule allows, and many opportunities even allow you to help from home.

  •  Giving presentations for members and visitors.
  • Working on grant proposals and applications.*
  • Working on the Events Committee to plan events such as presentations and fundraisers.
  • Assisting with tours at the Keith House Sunday afternoons during the Spring, Summer, and Fall.
  • Setting up for on-site events or assisting with clean-up afterwards.
  • Writing newsletter articles about Bridgewater’s history and families.*
  • Working on developing children’s programming.*
  • Researching genealogical & historical queries received via email.*
  • Sewing colonial-era costumes for volunteers to use during events.*
  • Assisting with advertisement of events through social media or through the dispersal of fliers.*
  • Staffing booths and helping with off-site events in the local communities.
  • Assisting with the care and display of the Keith House and its exhibits.
  • Inventorying or appraisal of books and artifacts.
  • Transcription of historical records.*
  • Designing fliers, brochures, and mailings.*
  • Decorating the buildings for the holidays.
  • Assisting with the regular minor maintenance of the buildings.
  • Managing membership information & assisting with renewals and notices.*
  • Assisting with regular website updates, maintenance, and development.*
  • Performing data entry to assist with inventorying.
  • Staffing the Memorial Building during regular open hours & assisting walk-in visitors with research and information.

* Denotes an item that can be done in part or in full from home.